BD's Big Book Series

I know what you are thinking. 

Penis enlargement is not possible outside of surgery. It's pretty rational at first glance. 

But for some of you, not being possible is not good enough. This is where I come in.

I go by BD. I am the founder of the largest Penis Enlargement community ever, r/gettingbigger. 

r/gettingbigger has 91,000 members that also refused to take no for an answer and started building the penis they wanted. 


About me 

I have been doing PE for over a decade. I only spent about 5 years total doing PE. This last stint for about 3-4 years and when I first started back in my teens. 

I was not small by any means. 6 by 5, but my porn-warped brain and innate desire to be the biggest and best. Set out to find a solution for my newfound insecurity. 

I eventually stumbled upon a few older forums, mattersofsize, thunderplace and PEgym. these places taught me how to stretch my penis with my hands and perform an exercise called Jeqling, which we don't recommend anymore. but in about a year's worth of work I grew 1.5 inches in length and half an inch in girth, making Magnum XLS a tight fit at 7.5 by 5.5 


I stopped because my girlfriend was struggling to take me... but the desire to continue growing never really left.


Fast forward to 2019,  I graduated college and got a cushy job as a software developer at a Fortune 250 company. I finally had to spend money. I bought a bunch of different devices in hopes of gaining faster than I did with just my hands. But here's the problem: gains were much slower than they used to be. More on that later. 


By 2021, I really got into this field. I started r/gettingbigger because I was posting quite frequently, and it was about time to get all my content under one banner. At this time, I started to think that there may be more to PE than we originally thought, but I didn't act on my gut feeling until the next year.


2022 came around, and I was a kinda big deal, at least in the niche community I started; by popular demand, I was tasked with writing a book on the subject. i thought it would be easy. But that is far from the truth.

we only knew what worked. not the how or why. so for the next year, I spent time researching soft tissue repair, which turned PE on its head for me. essentially i was taught to treat the penis like a rubber. the more you stretch it, the less likely it will go back to its original shape. so we were instructed to do sessions that could last hours daily


What these older pioneers failed to realize is that we are dealing with living tissue. it has a healing response. and part of that healing response is growth to better handle the stressor in the future. If we are constantly overdoing the work, it will be a major uphill battle for long-term results. 


I am going to spare you the details for now, but the gist is... with smart routines and prioritizing rest. We can gain on easy mode. When I switched my PE session to my science-based routines, I was doing half the work but gaining at the same rate.

Not to mention that my Erection quality was constantly increasing; I was a monster in the bedroom. 


Now, back when I first started PE, my privacy was limited; I was still living with my parents, so I could do this in the shower, capping my workouts to 20 to 30 minutes when I got my devices. I was incentivized to do extremely long sessions, which led to more work than I could easily recover from. 


The key to my recent success in the field was that I was able to implement my devices effectively without causing overwork of the tissue. 


 A brief summary of the science

The penis is made up 5 main parts but for our purposes, we only care about two of the Corpus Cavernousum and the Tunica Abugenia 

The corpus cavernosum is essentially a blood sponge that is wrapped by the connective tissue called the tunica abugenia. during an arousal event, the corpus cavernosum fills with blood. this causes pressure to be exerted on the tunica albuginea, causing it to stretch. eventually, the tunica will be fully stretched out, and you will develop a rigid erection. 

The tunica  is responsible for the shape and size of the shaft. if we can change the shape and size of the tunica we can change the shape and size of the penis. but how can we do that? 

the tunica is made up of collagen proteins. collagen is found everywhere in your body, so if we look for places collagen mass increases and mimics that stimulus, we will see a similar effect to the penis/ tunica.


luckily, the growth of tendons and ligaments has been well studied. tendons and ligaments are much like the tunica, being collagen-based structures, so it's reasonable to assume that they will respond the same way to a stimulus.

tendons and ligaments are designed to stretch, but with stretching beyond the expected range, we see fatigue develop in the tissue. this is just the collagen protein breaking down. during recovery, stem cells piece back together the bonds of the protein so it returns to service. at the same time a new collagen protein is formed so that way the structure is stronger and larger to be better able to handle the stimulus again. 


So if we stretch our penis(within reason), we will see a growth response. 


In my books, I explain how to do this for both length and girth. there is some overlap between the two so I made it a bundle deal, but don't worry you buy one fist and still get the bundle deal, just email us first 



Actions Speak louder than words

I know talk is cheap, so let me just show my results so you know I am not just making this up. you can find better progress pictures on the subreddit 





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